Monday, March 22, 2010

{Weekend Wind-up} # 2

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So my weekend was pretty quiet - for once!

M spent Friday and Saturday as a leader on an 8th Grade Confirmation Retreat, so I had the house to myself. Luckily, I wasn't home that much to feel lonely!

Friday night I hung out with two girlfriends. We ate at Bella Vita, a new Italian Restuarant in town. I had the Chicken-o-philly, which was delicious! We had Tutti Frutti for dessert. Honestly, Tutti Frutti is good - but not that good. I wish we had Frostys instead! LOL. We also got in a couple episodes of "Big Love."

I love that show. But this season it has gotten a little weird for me. Bill is really a jerk to the wives, they have too much going on. I feel like the focus has really moved away from the polygamist marriage, which is what was the most interesting to me at the beginning. Bill juggling his wives was better than Bill juggling his business/political life.

When I got home on Friday night - at maybe 12:30, I decided I couldn't go to bed without ordering our crib and mattress. The Graco Lauren crib in white was onsale from Walmart, PLUS the shipping was $0.97! I had a $100 gift card left over from Christmas, so my total for the crib and mattress, with tax and shipping was only $80! SCORE! I got a message on Sunday saying that it shipped - can't wait to see it set up in our nursery!

On Saturday, I went to M's cousin's Baby Shower. She doesn't know what she is having yet and only has a few more weeks to go. I don't understand how people can deal with the suspense of not knowing the gender! That would drive me crazy! The fact that she doesn't know drives me crazy! LOL.

Then I went SHOPPING! I really needed some spring/summer bottoms, and ended up getting three pairs of capris at Kohls. Old Navy's selection sucked. And I couldn't resist a couple of shirts, too!

Sunday was low-key - we slept until 12:30, and M made Chocolate Chip Pancakes for "breakfast." Then we went to work organzing the Craft Room. I opened sooo many boxes, and got rid of a lot of stuff. Some of it I was sad to see go - but honestly, you can't hold on to things forever.

We also uncovered several letters I wrote to M while we were dating and I was away at Virigina Tech. Oh, young love! It was funny to see how we talked to eachother and how much our relationship has grown-up.

Last night we had a Wegman's Cafe date and went grocery shopping. See what I mean - our relationship has matured :)

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Chris and Mary said...

Love your weekend. It sounds like it was relaxing and I love the crib and clothes! All so very cute. I'll tell you the gender if you can keep it hush hush ;) She and Carla would be very upset if they found out.

Murdock's mama said...

You won! Send me an email with your address & I'll mail out your gift!


Murdock's mama said...

I finally posted about my weekend..