Tuesday, March 23, 2010

{Top 2 Tuesday} Things I can't live without

So today's topic is THINGS I can't live without. THINGS - that excludes my people, right? I'm going to give me top 2 material things. Ready?


Seriously, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Diet Coke. I don't drink it every day, but whenever I drink soda, it is almost always Diet Coke. I don't think it is for the caffeine, I just love how refreshing it tastes. Recently I have been on an Orange Soda kick, but I think that is pregnancy related!

I love all types of lip balm. There isn't any brand or flavor that I am loyal to. Actually, when one gets low, I like to go out and buy a different brand to use next. But honestly, I am balming up these lucious lips multiple times a day. In fact, in 10 grade I was voted best lips in the class! LOL


MrsTallPaul said...

I am a lip balm freak too - I am partial to Burt's Bees though... I should branch out a little more! But seriously there is a tube of lip balm in my purse, my car, my desk, my jacket pocket.... you get the point! Any new ones you have tried that you can't live without?

Beth McC. said...

Great Picks! I dont think you could ever have to much lip balm! I love your blog its so cute! Thanks for sharing! Happy Tuesday!

B Sparkly said...

Lip balm addict!
We all need to join lip balm rehab, with Dr drew from VH1:)

Lindsey said...

i'm totally with you on the diet coke, but unfortunately i can't go a day without it! i have tried and i get the worst headaches ever!!

Alissa said...

I'm with you on the lip balm. I have them all over the place. I'm not much of a lipstick girl but you'll always find me with at least 3 lip balms at any given time.

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

love your picks! best lips...thats so cute!