Friday, December 4, 2009

How far along? 11W2D
Total weight gain/loss: I haven't weighed myself in a few days...but I don't feel like anything has really changed
How Big is Baby?: The size a fig! Baby is getting so big!
Maternity clothes? I've been wearing maternity pants more and more. Yesterday I wore my first was one of the fitted ones, so it didn't look too big. I am definitely outgrowing my regular clothes!
Stretch marks? Nothing new
Sleep:Sleep has been ok this week...just wish I had more!
Movement: Not yet
Food cravings: Fruit!!! I can't get enough fresh fruit - strawberries and cantaloupe are the best!
Food aversions: Most food is still very unappetizing. Fast food is especially revolting
Belly Button in or out? In.
What I am looking forward to: Still anxious to get an update on Baby B. And I can't wait for people to start commenting on my belly - I need to post a new pic to show you all how round it is getting
Weekly Wisdom: Don't push yourself to get too much done too as much as you can
Weekly Joy: Being thankful for so much on Thanksgiving Day!


Chris and Mary said...

I was going to comment last night on your belly. I def noticed but didn't know if it would embarrass you saying something in front of Chris. I love the belly!! :)

Domestic Princess said...

I've been thinking about you lately. How are you doing? Are you still sick?

Talk to you soon