Monday, December 14, 2009

How far along? 12w5d - I know I am behind. I think I have been putting off blogging because I feel so miserable and don't have anything positive to say :(
Total weight gain/loss: I think 4-5 lbs right now. I am feeling like such a hiefer
How big is baby? The size of a large lime
Maternity clothes: Definitely rocking the pants, some shirts, but mostly still regular
Stretch marks: Nothing new
Sleep: Can't get enough....I'm exhausted!
Movement: Not yet...but probably next month
Food cravings: Nothing really...the nausea doesn't like food. I did eat some yummy spinach dip the other day, though
Food aversions: I hate to keep harping on this, but I feel like crap and hate food.
Belly button in or out: Still a deep cavern
What I am looking forward to: I have another sonogram on Friday!
Weekly wisdom: When you need help, ask for it
Weekly joy: Being 12 weeks pregnant...the end of the first tri!