Friday, November 20, 2009

Doc called - I don't know what to think!

Holy crap!!! The sac was the same size as last week, which means they aren't discounting a viable twin pregnancy!!! I asked how the heck there could there be a baby there if the sac is empty. She said sometimes with twins the sac looks empty because of the angle of the sonogram or the sacs placement in the uterus. This is called a Hidden Twin. She said in the case of a vanishing twin, the size of the sac should have decreased dramatically in one week.

So, I will have another sonogram next wednesday to check the progress. Again, either the sac should be smaller or hopefully we will see something in it. I also have an appt with the ob next wednesday, so I will have a chance to ask all my questions!


Jen J. said...

Are you KIDDING?! Wow...what a roller coaster of emotions you must be going thru! Praying for you sweety.