Wednesday, November 25, 2009

3rd U/s - Baby A is a squirmer!

So I just got home from my 3rd U/S and 10 week appt with the OB. I feel really blessed to have had so many opportunities to see our little one growing and moving around! Baby is looking great...still measuring a little ahead with a strong heartbeat.

The 2nd sac was the same as last week :-/ That means still don't have any answers...could be a twin, could vanish at anytime. The doctor suggested with wait longer for the next U/S...mainly because of the "Watched Pot Never Boils" theory. I'm ok with that - going in every week has been very emotional.

We will continue to pray for little baby matter where she is - Heaven or in my belly - I love her.

Next U/S and appt will be at 14 weeks.

Thanks for all the prayers, everyone!