Monday, October 26, 2009

I have the best husband. Jealous?

M went to the grocery store for me today. Actually he went on our last grocery shopping trip, too. Two trips in a row. I am beginning to forget (thank goodness!) what the inside of a grocery store looks like. He he bought me some treats while he was there, too. The most thoughtful of which was eclairs. The second most thoughtful was Sour Patch Kids - four bags full. Sour Patch Kids, I have discovered, do wonders for morning sickness. I went all day without throwing up. Such a small accomplishment, considering I was nauseous most of the day, but still I can celebrate.

I love my supportive husband!


Domestic Princess said...

You are very lucky!

I love sour patch kids. I ate a bag this weekend myself =) I hope you start feeling better

Jen J. said...

He's such a sweety! How are you feeling - flu symptoms gone yet?