Thursday, September 24, 2009

I remembered

I can't believe I forgot the thing that started the depression this am. My weight, of course. Since losing 42lbs on weight watchers, it is slowing creeping back on. I know it is because of my bad food choices 100%. It makes me feel like a failure. I have gained 9 lbs back. Dammit. I am gettind depressed, and depression makes me eat. The never ending cycle. Since we are going out of town, I can totally regulate what I eat, but I am going to make the best choices that I can. Starting Monday, I start writing down everything I eat again. I might even sign back up for WW online, since I was so successful with it before. I can believe I was within 3 lbs of my goal and I just quit. I got distracted and quit. Now I have to lose 12 lbs to get to that goal.

I want to give myself a pep talk, but I already feel like I can't do it. Monday Monday Monday. I will weigh-in first thing in the morning, then it is game on. Go Team Lisa!