Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Negative Nelly on the Nest

I appreciate the anonymity on the nest. I like having a place to talk about things (most books, getting pregnant and sometimes decorating) that I don't really have someone IRL to talk to about. I try to keep my posts positive and uplifting, and if I don't have something nice to say, I steer away from posting.

So why is there a girl on the nest (and on my favorite board) who always has a negative reply to my posts? I swear it seems like every time she replies to a post of mine it is something negative. EVERY TIME! I wish I could ask her not to reply to me anymore without making enemies on the board. GAH! It bothers me whenever I even see her name. I know I could block her (and not see any of her posts), but then I wouldn't know what was going on if someone replies to something she says.

I guess that is the danger of posting on an online forum...being annoyed by strangers, this is only one poster. I can deal.


Gillian said...

Books, pregnancy, & decorating. You just named all my favorite topics. Why don't we ever hang out? Let's get on this. Mike and I are at the very beginning of trying to conceive. We get to test Sunday and I'm excited and very nervous.

By the way that we are TTC is not commonly known. In fact only two people know plus now you. :) I'm so excited for you & Matthew!