Friday, March 26, 2010

{Friday Confessional}

Ok, this is my first time participating in the Glamazon's Friday Confessional. I've been reading her confessions for weeks, but today decided that I will actually join in. Not sure how interesting my confessions will be - but they'll be honest!

  • M hurt has been complaining about ankle pain for about a week. I've encouraged him to ice it, elevate it and take Motrin. Does he? No. But when he told my mom about it last night, she suggested he get an xray. Since then he has been limping around like a baby and took off work today. I hope there's not a fracture so I can tell him to just suck it up.
  • The most annoying part of this whole thing is that he didn't get out of bed this morning at 4:40, so I couldn't spread out and steal his pillow
  • I slept like CRAP last night thanks to back pain and 3 charlie horses - I really wanted to ask M to go sleep downstairs
  • I judge people who automatically want an epidural without even considering a natural birth. I don't judge people who GET epidurals, just people who never consider NOT getting one
  • That's all I can think of for now!


Glamazon said...

Yay! I'm so glad you played! I hate it when hubbies won't take care of themselves, won't take advice from you, but take it from someone else! And pregnant sleeping is soooo the worst! You definitely need your own bed :)

Meredith said...

I think most people consider not getting an epidural...we all just might not realize that they've considered it and already made their decision.

Stacy said...

I totally feel your pain with the husband thing. Mine broke is foot and I didn't believe him. Still living that one down. We should all get our own beds. I was thinking about that they other day. What happened to the two twin beds. I think that was a great idea. But I would still need at least a queen. Two queen beds sound good to me. This king bed is just not big enough for two!!