Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's the Little Things

There have been a few little things in my life recently that have just made me happy and thankful. Honestly, the little things in life are awesome!

1. Two nights ago, I went to wash my face. The water was cold. I waited and waited, but it never heated up. Immediately I imagine the worst - that we would need a new water heater. By the time I was home from work the next day, M had fixed the water heater. Apparently the element needed drained and replaced (or something like that!). I am so thankful for a handy husband.

2. It's so great to be a giveaway winner! Jessica at Forever Young: A YA Lit Blog emailed me this morning letting me know I won a copy of "The Lonely Hearts Club." I can't wait to receive it, read it and give you all a review!

3. Who doesn't love free stuff? Bloom Grocery Store had a program that for ever $10 you spent, you received a little sticker. When you collected enough stickers, you received a Cuisinart item! Look at what I got for free (each is valued at $29.99):

I'm also planning a giveaway! Keep a lookout for it to start sometime in the next 7 days!