Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Deep Breathing

So this post will have many "themes" - pregnancy update, work vent, probably some other stuff, but I don't know what yet. I'm going to start typing and see where it gets me.

So - first let's talk about my little messi baby. Baby girl has been kicking up a storm the last few days. She is not strong enough yet to take my breath away with her soccer kicks, but there are visible from the outside. I love laying in bed at night and watching her move and kick.

I had my 22 week check on Friday - everything was great. HB was 158, belly measured right at 22 weeks. I discussed my weight gain with the NP. She said if I hadn't brought it up, she wouldn't have. She doesn't seem concerned. To me 20 lbs at 22 weeks seems like a lot. She said she thinks I will still end up around +30 to 35 - which is recommended. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'm going to continue being careful what I eat, and I also bought some prenatal work-out dvds I'm going to use until it is warm enough to get outside for walks.

On Saturday, I spent the day at the spa with my sorority sisters. I got my first facial - it was just alright. Honestly, I can't seen any difference in my skin. Also, my fingernails are already starting to chip (of course!), but my toenails are an awesome pinky red that I can't get enough of. I sort of wish I had just stuck to getting a pedicure!

Last night my mom and I went looking for fabric for the baby's quilt. We found some cute stuff, but nothing we loved. Hopefully going shopping again on Saturday. My sis-in-law went out and bought 10 or 11 outfits for Felicity the other day. Most of them are 0-3 months and they are stinking adorable. I can't wait to start playing baby dress-up. My SIL always puts my neice in the cutest clothes (especially dresses!), so I'm sure I would love anything she picks out.

Phew - after all this thinking about the baby, I don't even want to talk about work. Maybe that's a good thing. But if you have the chance to send some good thoughts, prayers and vibes my way, I bet it would make today's work day a little better!


Mr and Mrs. Stoneking said...

Sounds like your little one might be a soccer baby one day! Hope things get better for you, sending my prayers your way :)

Meredith said...

Here's my one piece of advice--also buy some newborn clothes. Everyone told me not to, and that 0-3mo would be fine. Well, she's just now STARTING to fit into 0-3mo. clothes and she's 6 weeks!

metta1313 said...

I gained a ton during my 2nd trimester...don't be worried and only ended up gaining 34 overall.