Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby Shower on a Budget - I Need Your Help

I'm helping to throw one of my best friend's baby shower on the end of May. We want this baby shower to be beautiful and special for our friend, but we are definitely on a budget.

I would love if you could comment with ideas you have seen or used to make a shower gorgeous and fun without breaking the bank. We are open to any and all great ideas!


Stacie said...

We did a buffet for my baby shower. Then we played a couple games one was a word search where you had so much time and another game I don't remember. There were two prizes. Someone made a cute baby corsage for me let me see if I can find a picture of it for you. You can get the stuff from the dollar store or family dollar to make the little corsage.

B Sparkly said...

You can ask the guest to bring a plain onesies. Go to Michaels or any arts & crafts store and buy letter and shape stencils. Also get some paint for fabric. Set up some craft tables at the baby shower and let the guest create their own onesies to give the mother to be. It’s allot of fun.
Let me know if it workes out:)

The Domestic Princess said...

Oh my gosh, the Martha Stewart Poms would be perfect for this. You can make napkin holder poms or the large poms to hang from the wall.

Large Poms:

Napkin Holders:

The Domestic Princess said...

Oh yea and:

1. Go to Bath and Body and get their lotion etc for 5 for $20. Use those as prizes.

2. Try making the lunch or just do finger foods to keep the cost down

3. Go to the $ store for plates, silverware, etc.

Felicity said...

I did the following for a friend: I bought a small scrapbook album and lots of supplies (paper, embellishments etc). Before the mother-to-be arrived, I asked every guest to make a page (wishing the parents-to-be all of the best etc). I then added pages with photos of the day and gave it to her when the baby was born. It is such a nice keepsake.
Thanks for dropping by my blog - all the very best with your baby on the way!

Jen J. said...

Just came across this today - maybe you can find some inspiration from these cute ideas?


Valerie said...

Well I made my daughter's favors for her baby shower last year. I went to hobby lobby or any craft store. I bought plastic bottles cute little round ones. I then bought shower gel and that was my favors to the guests. Here is the link at what they looked like It’s A Wonderful Life. I'll try to remember some of the other things we did.