Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How far along? 15 weeks! For some reason 15 weeks seems like a big milestone for me. I'm super excited today!
Total weight gain/loss: Up 7 as of this morning...but since I refilled my Zofran rx, I have been really stopped up...So I bet it is some of that!
How big is baby? Our baby is 4 inches from head to butt...the size of an apple, per Wouldn't that be a big apple?
Maternity clothes: Pants 100%, but mostly regular shirts. I am going to buy some long maternity tanks so I can wear my regular tops longer (LOL, same answer as last week!). I got a Old Navy GC for Christmas, so that will go to more clothes
Stretch marks: Nothing new. Matt bought me Palmer's Tummy Butter for Christmas (awww), so hopefully that will help keep them away (yeah right!)
Sleep: Still very tired, wish I could sleep more. A 10pm bedtime is not early enough
Movement: YEEEESSS! Felt the baby tapping last night, can't wait to feel it again
Food cravings: Nothing major, though I could go for a Frosty right now
Food aversions: Since I was without Zofran for most of the week, I had trouble with food
Belly button in or out: Hasn't changed
What I am looking forward to: Celebrating our 3rd Anniversary tonight
Weekly wisdom: I'm not feeling very wise at the moment
Weekly joy: Feeling the baby move was amazing! I will never forget that!


Chris and Mary said...

Maybe the size of a Wegman's apple...LOL Those things are huge!