Tuesday, September 1, 2009

free AND signed?

There is a book called the Hunger Games that I first heard about on NBC. It seems sometimes that I am the only NBCer who has yet to read this page turner. The sequel, Catching Fire, was released today. To increase excitement and get people informed about the book release, free signed copies of HG were being given out at bookstores around the country. When it was announced that that a copy was at a Border's in Fairfax, I assumed someone would go claim it and that would be then end of it. Fast forward 24 hours...

So here is my story:

After seeing Pebble's post on the nest (thanks for posting, btw), I ate dinner, did some laundry and watched Project Runway. I got to thinking that maybe I should try to get the book - though I thought it was impossible. I called the store and they told me that sure enough, the book was still available, but that someone else had just called and they were on their way. The other person was coming from DC, via the metro and a bus - who knows how long that would take. I looked up directions - 51 minutes without traffic, and I got on my way.

I drove as aggressively as I could - which for me means going through most yellow lights and driving about 7-8 mph over the speed limit. My heart was racing. When I went into the store, the girl at the front said "Which one are you, the metro girl or the girl from [name of my town]?" I said I was the one from [town]. She said this into her walkie talkie thing and several Border's Staff members started to applaud. It was awesome! The manager presented with me with the beautiful signed copy. Then she suggested that I put it in my purse, as three other people had called and where on their way to the store! I thanked them and got the heck out of there!

Can't wait to read it Big Smile