Sunday, August 23, 2009

AF shows early/ I love the Steelers

No need to test and see a BFN this cycle. AF showed her ugly face 2 days early. I suppose early is better than late. M has a great attitude. He just said we have another month of fun trying ahead of us. I'm glad he didn't get down like I did. He cheered me up with Chinese food :) We will be using dollar tree OPKs this cycle. I'm trying not to put too much pressure on us, though. All we can do is BD. The rest is up to God!

Matthew took me to the Steeler/Redskin preseason game last night. We had a great adventure. There was flash flooding while we were driving on 495 in crazy traffic. Not fun! I also wore crappy flipflops, so we stopped at Dicks to buy other shoes that gave me ouchy blisters. On the 30 minute walk to the stadium, I went barefoot! Both teams had some great plays that were fun to watch. We managed to keep the mood playful and low-tension, even though we were cheering for opposite teams. I consider myself to be the true fan of the two of us, of course :)
Final score was 17-14 Skins, but the Steelers won the first quarter (what really counts!), so I was still happy.