Friday, August 19, 2011

Another sweet blessing is on the way!

Wow, I can't believe I haven't updated my blog since last August! A whole year has flown by! It has been a wonderful year...Felicity is such a joy!

I'm back to blogging :) Can you guess why? Another BFP! Here's the story...

M and I agreed a while back to start TTC August '11. I felt at the beginning of this cycle, that I wanted to wait a little bit longer, so we decided to take it cycle by cycle to make sure we were both on board. I went to the beach and had all the ovulation signs while I was there. Got home, DTD, then had more ovulation signs. I freaked out, M just laughed, and said, "Well, it's up to God now."

Thursday, August 11, 2012, there was a gorgeous butterfly on our front porch. I have never seen one up close before, so I felt like it was something special. I told M about it, and he said that maybe Celia (our angel baby) sent it to me.

That afternoon, I was looking at Felicity's baby pictures. I told M that I couldn't believe how much she had grown, and that I can't wait to have another tiny baby in my arms. (Again, I'm thinking that is a little down the road)

Then in the evening, M, Felicity and I were playing on the floor. She was going back and forth between us giving kisses. Then she started kissing my belly over and over. Then M kissed it and taught Felicity to say "Hi Baby." You have to understand that M was rubbing my belly long before I was ever pregnant with Felicity to tease me. He would do it in public to see if he could get our friends and family to ask if I was pregnant. It drove me nuts.

While Felicity was in the tub, I decided on a whim to take a pg test. I left it on the counter, finished F's bath, nursed her, put her down. I went upstairs to get ready for my run and glanced at the test. Then I did a double take. You guessed it... BFP! WHAT?!?! I ran down stairs to show M. He was taking a nap (he was also on the couch taking a nap when I told him I was pg with Felicity, oddly enough). He was so happy, and I was bouncing off the walls.

Based on LMP I am due 4/22/12, and Felicity will be 22 months old. BFP was at 3w4d. Crazy, huh?

I am in shock and excited!


carO__ said...

I'm so happy for you guys but oh my gosh you've got to update on the last YEAR of your life! I read the birth story (last year) and have been waiting and waiting for more updates..but never got any!

Please show pictures and tell us all about how life has been this year!

mrs.messi said...

Thank you! I will post an update on our last year with lots of pictures soon :)

Jen J. said...

OMG - I'm just seeing this, wow...congrats!!!!