Thursday, February 11, 2010

Question for my momma readers!

I am working on registering...what an overwhelming task!

I would love to get recs on your favorite baby items? What are your must haves?

If you aren't a mom yet, what items do you dream about having someday?

Spill it and help me out!

PS I'm also trying out a new signature and added the reactions clicky for you all!


Anonymous said...

Itz Been timer
A bouncy/vibrator seat
Angelcare monitor
JJ Cole Diaper caddy (when not in the nursery)
Gripe Water (for hiccups)
Mylicon drops
Scented poopy diaper bags (like doggy bags)
Swaddle Me (Kiddopotomus) swaddles
Baby Bjorn

Anonymous said...

-Thick, hooded towels
-Boudreaux Butt Paste (clears up any rash overnight or sooner)
-Baby Bliss Gripe Water
-Floppy Seat (a cover for grocery carts and highchairs)
-I love the Johnson&Johnson lavender baby wash, smells so good-I even use it on myself ;)
-Infant Motrin (for fevers, to be used after baby is 2 months old of course). This stuff is Liquid Gold when the baby gets to be a bit older.
-Diapers (I always used Pampers swaddlers in the beginning). Register for every size though (at least 1-3).

Mass Hole Mommy said...

Humidifier, swing, bouncy seat, desitin (for diaper rash), hooded towels, baby monitor, mylicon drops and a WHOLE LOT OF DIAPERS!!! Friday follower, btw!

Blackberry Jam Cafe said...

What a fun site! So glad I found you! Stopped by from Friday Follow and now following you! Hope to see you soon.....

Alayna said...

Stopping by from Friday Follow

My top baby items...hmm...
I loved the Bundle Me sheepskin (faux) type car seat liners for cold weather - so much better than the ones that just go over the top of the car seat with the hole for the head.
bouncy/vibrator seat
quick read digital thermometer (use it under the arm and just add one degree to get a fairly accurate temp)
JC Penney photos (be sure to get coupons online)
swing (get the kind that reclines really far or swings side to side. the older type ones don't work very well for infants)
Teething Tablets (Walmart)
be sure to stock up on lots and lots of burp cloths, washrags, and fleece blankets
baby bathtubs aren't needed - get the sling thing that can go in the sink or tub as needed
-really good light weight stroller (Graco and the like were just too bulky)

Missy said...

bouncy seat
Halo sleep sacks
lots of washrags
burp rags
diaper bag

We are on our 3rd child and this time we went with a convertible car seat and a sling and stroller. We passed up the infant car seat and if I could do it again with the other 2, that is the route I would have gone. I hated carrying that heavy infant car seat around all the time.

We also didn't get a high chair this time. We went with the kind that just straps onto the chair. So much easier and takes up less room. Plus it lasts longer then a high chair and you save money because you eventually have to buy the chair one anyways.

Stopping in from Friday Follow.

I'm just the MOM said...

I couldnt have made it through without those 2 things. Congrats on the little one! I'm a new follower from friday follow..nice to "meet" you. lol

Shelby said...

Discovered you from Friday Follow.

MY must have after two little ones is an Angel Care monitor. The first year of life is the one in which the chance SIDS is the greatest. The angel care monitor has a flat sensor that goes under the baby's mattress as well as a normal sound monitor. If the baby has not taken a breath in 20 seconds...the monitor will sound off. This not only startles the baby to breathe again but it also signals us parents. I totally recommend it! All babies r us know what the angel care monitor is.

Chris and Mary said...

Swaddlers (Kiddopatamus is best)
Monitor with picture
Baby Magic lotion or wash (smells most like baby)
Carrier (any brand, mines a cheapy and works fine)
Pacifiers (not too many if she doesn't take to it though)
Burp cloths galore!