Monday, January 18, 2010

The Name Game

So naming a baby is a difficult job...that's why I'm trying to name a bunch of babies, so that next time we don't have to go through trying to come up with something we both like, that sounds nice, that doesn't have bad nicknames, etc.

We have two definite boy names: Benjamin Matthew (Matthew after DH) and Patrick Harley (both of our Nanas are Patricia, my Granddad was Harley)

Girls names are not so easy. There are two that I like, but Matthew hasn't agreed to either yet. Audrey Diane (Diane is my mom's middle name) and Felicity Kathleen (Kathleen is M's mom's name).

Here is how I am trying to convince M to agree to Audrey. My due date, June 23, is St. Audrey's Feast Day. Coincidence, I think not. St. Felicity is the patron saint of infertility, and I prayed to her when my ob/gyn suggested IF testing. What's funny is both the names were on my girl name list BEFORE we were even TTC. I just don't see how Matthew can not agree!


Chris and Mary said...

My names that I like eventually grow on Chris. Just keep bringing them up and say stuff like, doesn't Audrey sound so cute for a little girl? He'll come around :)