Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How far along? 19
Total weight gain: 14 lbs
How big is baby? The size of a heirloom tomato
Maternity clothes: Still sneaking in a few of my prepreg shirts...won't be too much longer though!
Stretch marks: Still keeping my fingers crossed - not yet!
Sleep: I love sleep!
Movement: Yes! I love feeling the baby move!
Food cravings: Still loving fruit...and I've been thinking about bbq wings all day today!
Food aversions: Meat
Belly button: The same
What I'm looking forward to: We find out the gender in 4 days!!!
Weekly Wisdom: Go to bed earlier
Weekly joy: I felt the baby kick from the outside for the first time a few nights ago. M was right there and he got to feel some kicks, too! Can't wait for that to happen again!


A Happy, Jolly Girl said...

Started talking the baby into kicking me when I am there this weekend! I can't wait!!!