Monday, January 4, 2010

Books books books

I LOVE to read. I've been reading since I was very young, and always have aleast one book going. I remember when I was little staying up reading in bed with a flash light. Many nights I wouldn't go to sleep until the batteries died!

There is a great board on The Nest called The Nest Book Club

This board is full of women who are passionate about books in general, and who read and recommend books from every genre.

From Jan 1 - March 31 I will be participating in the Winter Book Challenge, which is a 36 tasks agreed upon by the board, which can be filled by reading 36 books. Some tasks will be easy to complete, since I have books sitting on my shelf at home that fit perfectly. Others will strech me to go out of my reading comfort zone (A sci-fi book? Do I have to?).

Here is a link to the task list...

I am also giving myself a reading challenge for 2010: To read 50 books in one year. Normally that wouldn't be difficult, but with a baby on the way, I think 50 will be hard to reach.

I'll keep you all up to date on what I'm reading :)