Wednesday, January 6, 2010

16 week update

How far along? 4 months today
Total weight gain/loss: Still around 7, which is at the top of the normal range. I'm so scared I'll be the lady who can't an insane amount of weight and can't lose it!
How big is baby? The size of an avocado
Maternity clothes: Still mostly pants, but I ordered some shirts with my ON GC last night
Stretch marks: Nothing new...and crossing my fingers!
Sleep: Still having trouble. Last night I did have a great labor and delivery dream. The labor was so easy then I went right to nursing my perfect baby boy. Someone had abandoned a baby boy at the hospital so M and I decided to adopt him. I woke up with a smile on my face!
Movement: Yes, but very irregular. Looking forward to a kick!
Food cravings: Loving fruit
Food aversions: Meat, anything greasy
Belly button in or out: Same
What I am looking forward to: After that dream, an easy labor and delivery ;-)
Weekly wisdom: If you are still having crazy m/s at 4 months (like I am!), don't worry. It's gotta end sometime!
Weekly joy: Feeling the baby move more