Thursday, September 17, 2009

Beginning an IF Journey...

So I went for my annual this am...
Due to my history (never have been on BC, no positive OPKs, mom with history of IF), my doctor wants to go ahead and start the work-up now, even though we have only been technically trying for 2 cycles. She said the likelyhood of me ovulating every cycle does not look good. She said that since we have not been doing temps with NFP, it is not very reliable (which I knew), so I probably should have gotten KU "by accident" by now.
Obviously, no one ever wants to hear the words "infertility" when talking to their doctor, but I am glad we are going to at least get started on the work-up.
To cheer myself up, I went to starbucks and got a shaken green tea :)

M suggested I research the patron saint of IF, so we can do a novena. There are several saints that I found...but two stood out to me. St. Clare and St. Felicity. Clare and Felicity are both on our (short!) list of girl names we like! Reading this made me feel so much better. I am praying that God's Will be done, and that I can be accepting of whatever it is.